Jagua Aftercare

Jagua Tips

Atlanta Jagua Gel HandAllow 30 minutes to an hour to allow the jagua gel to fully dry. Once it is dry it will take on the consistency of a thin film.

Leave the Jagua on your skin for roughly 3-6 hours. Relax during this time. Avoid any kind of activity that will cause you to sweat such as dancing running, or exercising. Sweating with the gel on your skin can cause the lines to blur.

Remove the jagua gel after 3-6 hours by washing and rinsing away with warm running water and soap. Do not scrub the area or use anything that will cause exfoliation. This will shorten the lifespan of your design. Be sure to remove all of the gel from your skin. Any jagua gel left remaining on your skin will continue to stain and can disrupt your design.

• Your Jagua Tattoo will be very faint at first. DON’T PANIC. The design takes anywhere from 24 – 48 hours to develop on your skin. The results of the stain will vary depending on placement on your body as well as skin type. The stain will be darkest on the hands and feet and gradually lighter towards the back and torso.

48 hour jagua stain progression

• Going to sleep with the Jagua gel on your skin is not recommended. Any movement during your sleep may cause the gel to shift. It will stain anything that it touches including your bedding or other parts of your skin and may disrupt your original Jagua design.

After you have removed the Gel, keeping your skin well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying a good lotion such as one containing shea or cocoa butter will slow the exfoliation process of your skin and help extend the life of your Jagua Tattoo. You can also apply a little olive or coconut oil to your design anytime just before showering to prevent any heavy exposure to water.


  1. AVOID Scrubbing the tattoo area with a loofah or brush or anything that exfoliates your skin. Your Jagua design will fade away as quickly as your skin exfoliates. So any precautions you can take to prolong this will help your Jagua stain to last a little longer.
  2. AVOID soaking your fresh jagua tattoo in a bath, hot tub, swimming pool, the ocean, etc. Long or even short exposure to soaking the skin area in water can cause the jagua to be pulled out of your pores. Normal showering is fine.

 Enjoy Your New Jagua Tattoo!

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